Useful Information

The currency is yuan and most business and pricing is done in American dollars at 7.5 yuan to $1 usd
And 10.2 yuan to the £1 sterling
Shops are normally open from around 10am until 11pm 7 days a week
Short taxi ride will cost around 12-14 Yuan, only use the red, yellow or green colour cabs as they will be registered don’t use other that stop you on the street or around bus stations and train stations?
Local bus services are around 1-2 yuan and are a good way to get around
Hotel charges vary from 400 yuan to 1200 yuan for a double room some hotel provide breakfast in the price and some don’t its worth asking? and the prices are per room and not per person
A visa is required to enter china this can be acquired via your local Chinese embassy or in Wanchan in Hong Kong or on the border crossing a 5 day entry visa can be obtained for around 150 yuan other visas are normally for a 30 day entry
Pick pocketing happens on the street and stations, any where there are crowds of people always use the deposit boxes provided free of charge in hotels to keep your valuables in. only carry small amounts of money with you as food and shopping is value for money in china.
Credit card are not widely accepted in china but most hotels accept them and require it as a deposit, if you pay your account in cash on departure remember to ask for your credit slip back that you sign and destroy it.
People in china are very warm and welcoming and they will always have a smile for you and manners are an every day thing in china so please be polite and patient
A good meal for 4 people in a good restaurant with wine will cost around 400 yuan and lunch will cost around 150-200 yuan for 4 people
The best time to visit southern china is from November to April when it’s not so hot and humid?
If you travel from May to October remember to drink plenty water

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