Eating Out

China has one of the most diverse eating cultures in the world where mostly anything that moves is food, and don’t get us wrong most of the food that’s served up to eat is absolutely delicious. There are all different types and sizes of restaurants ranging from the small ones with 50 covers to the super size ones with well over 1000 covers. To eat out in china is a fantastic experience, it is just incredible how they get it so right with so many people eating at one time, along with the huge variety that’s on offer, what we found was most of the menus are of-course? in Chinese and apart from the photos we found our selves limited to what we could order and felt frustrated that we could not delve more into the menu as some of the food being served around you loos and smells so good and all you want to do is have a try of it. This is where we found that if we had a translator for the evening we could have went to town on the food as the cost is real not expensive in a good restaurant a meal for 2 with a good bottle of great wall wine which is first class and recommended would cost around 250 yuan ,this again is in one of the many restraints that the tourist or business traveller will never know they are there unless you have someone that knows the area and the best places to eat. So once again our service we provide would allow you to taste some of the lovely foods available in china rather than going back to that same old junk food outlet O YES THEY ARE THERE TOO. Just contact us even if you only want a translator for a evening. don’t miss out on what there is to offer in the way of food in china, contact us now.

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