All accommodation on offer in china is of a reasonable standard, you will find the help of staff first class in most of the hotels you visit as this is just the nature of the Chinese people who do offer a very warm welcome to visitors to there country.
Hotel prices vary from hotel to hotel even when you go to 5 star accommodation as much as 1000 yuan you can get a good hotel in some of the larger city’s? for around? 480 yuan? but remember to ask if this includes breakfast as most of the hotel room are sold without breakfast. Breakfast can be easily found as most of the hotels provide a good range of breakfast on a pay and go basis with a large variety of food. Also if you wish you can eat out as eating in china is a very sociable thing where every body meets and talks what gone and also a lot of business is done over the table too.
So hotels are widely available in china and mostly of a good standard with really good service.

We can offer a service to our customers before they arrive in china of? recommending a good hotel which will be of a standard that is requested by our customers only when our services are contracted by the customer first. This way you know that you are going to be arriving to a standard of hotel to witch you want. Another part of the service witch give our customers peace of mind. So contact us now and enjoy you trip to china from the start.
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