Our People

All our personal have a high standard of foreign language which they will have spoken for several years and are manly graduates in there own field and also have a high degree of English in reading and writing
all our staff will be well pesented at all times and be pleasant with customers and suppliers, they will also be on time for meetings, will offer every curtsey to any business hosts work towards the wishes of the customers and advise them of the rights and wrongs when they are with the customers in china. will always try to complete any task that is asked of them within the request being a reasonable one.

Our staff will come from various parts of china and will be able to help with the many different dialects that you will come across china.

our people will travel with customers on request and only if the member a staff is comfortable to do so with the customer. Over and above payment for the product source service all meals and travel expenses on this service will be paid by the customer.


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